Sunday, 27 December 2015

Let's take a look in this movie. We can see world in another side. Never judge something to fast, don't get upset on something before you try it . Give how many chances that we could to others. Who know one day , the person that we called dumb could change the world. There are peace in this world. Peace yow No war. :)

Kau tahu tak apa benda paling menyakitkan dalam hidup ni. Bila ex kau datang balik kat kau pujuk kau untuk getting back dengan dya , sebabnya dya tgh ada masalah dengan awek dya. Tapi waktu dya tengah gembira sikit pon dya xingat pon pasal engkau. Lansung tak kisah, macam mana kau hadapi hari2 tanpa dia. Macam mana kau bangun, kau bertatih untuk bahagia semula. Kau hadap semua tu sorang2. Tapi bila dia ada masalah baru nak ingat kau, baru rasa kau tu sangat bermakna untuk dia. Ya aku tengah rasa benda tu sekarang, tipulah kalau aku cakap aku tak sedih, tapi aku bajet tabah , aku tak nak tunjuk kelemahan aku depan dia. Tipulah kalau aku cakap aku tak da rasa nak getting back dengan dia, waktu dia pujuk aku. Tapi aku bukan perempuan yang akan cipta kebahagiaan atas penderitaan orang lain. Pergilah hang dekat dia, lupakan aku . Susah  mana pon hang nak lupakan aku, besar manapun masalah hang dengan awek hang , jangan pernah cari aku, Sebab sakitnya aku yang rasa, aku nampak ja tabah tapi lansung tak weh. Hang jaga lah dia sebaik mungkin. Temani laa dia waktu dia perlukan hang, Lupakan lah aku , anggap lah aku ni sejarah hitam yang perlu hang buang jauh2 dari hidup hang. Mungkin jodoh kita tak ada. And the most reason aku nak hang tahu napa aku tolak bila hang mintak balik nak getting back ngn aku ialah "Aku tak nak jadi hang punya back up plan and second choice'. Sebab aku mencari orang yang cinta and sayang aku tanpa sebab. Aku nak keikhlasan. Last but not least, please protect and be loyalty towards ur partner. Bye peace yow, no war.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

2015 will come to the end. This year such a lot of things had happened in my life. I lost friends and someone that I love. Hmm how tough it is for me. But what can I do else that maybe my destiny. But I've learned such a lot of lesson and know how to handle my emotional when something bad hit me. Yeah it made me such a good girl that can stand on my feet. But still I'm glad to have people surround me whose were very supportive and advice when I need a shoulder to lay on , when I want to tell them about my feeling. Alhamdulilah , I gonna end my semester 3. Yes I'm very glad and couldn't wait for semester break. Because I want to spent my time with my lovely family, friends and my overload cuteness cats. Hmmm miss them so much. I hope in 2016 that will be new chapter in my life , will be more interesting and going to be good. That's all from me for this year. See you all next year.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Hmm heart broken. Yes that what i feel know . I'm trying to ignore this feel but it keeps running come out to my mind. I'm trying to be strong but i can't lie myself that i really hurt by what he had done to me. Can you imagine someone that comes to you yesterday said  that he love you very much, tell that can't live without you but another day was seeing with another girl and end up couple with that girl that he just get to know. What most hit me badly when he keep defend that girl. I'm keep asking myself  ' Who am I to him ' that i just a toys for him. I feel so stupid involved with this kind relationship. I hate myself because I easily trust him. I just want to get all my strengthen to face this situation. I hope Mr A you can take care your new girlfriend. Makes she feels comfort with you. Spent time with her especially when she has problem . Treat she more than you done for me. I'm out. Bye..... :(

Monday, 26 October 2015

Some time, i feel i don't want to know new person. I have feeling of scared that I might be broke their heart and will make them going far from me. Because one kind of person that can't fulfill everyone expectation , it happened because i'm not kind of romantic people. I also doesn't know how to show my feelings towards people that I loved.  This flaw make people think that i'm not fair towards them and think that I left them behind, but the truth is not like that at all. So, for those had  read this point and feel that you are the one of list that i make you feel abandoned I want to apologize and accept it.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

No Food Allowed

Alright today I gonna tell you all that I have new mission in two month . The mission called as '15In2Month' hahahaha maybe you all was so excited want to known what the mission is all about.Yeah this is my plan to get normal BMI because i want to have an ideal body. Actually this idea came out from my friend that want me and him to lose weight together as the result we want to lose 15 kg in two month. So I as master plan had list down several foods that we should eat and must avoid some food .  I really hope that we can success with this mission and get what we want.

Sunday, 10 May 2015


Last week, I went to Langkawi , people think that i'm going for vacation heehe but is totally wrong i'm going to Langkawi because of KLK which is compulsory for every co-curriculum in UUM   and my Kor Siskor choose Langkawi as our KLK place. In the camp i got new experience and got to know more friends , that is very fun for me even though we are not going to interesting place in Langkawi such as Pantai Chenang, Makam Mahsuri and Under water world but we all still enjoy our camping. But on the last day our teacher  give we 5 hours to shopping around Pekan Kuah. I,m so excited because I could buy souvenir for my family and friends. Next time i will go to Langkawi for vacation. 

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

This is where i being for 4 years . Yeah this is my beloved University. Its was being name Universiti Utara Malaysia and was highlighter as Eminent University.  There such a lot of advantages that you all could get if you are UUMers . For more detail about UUM background you all can go to this link UUM's OFFICIAL PORTAL

Sunday, 26 April 2015

My little story in UUM

Being in UUM has give me such a lot of challenges , but no matter how i feel there someone who always beside me, that is the pretty girl who name is Ruqaiyah Bakhori. She always there for me no matter  when i'm sad and happy. She not only my roomate but she also my best friend in UUM. Such a lot of friend that i meet she the one who sincerely to be my friend not like others who just take me for granted, Then them just throw me whenever they want. Alhamdulilah even though such a lot of people being jealous with our friendship but Allah still protect this relationship. I hope our Ukhuwah Fillah until Jannah ( Heaven).

Yeah! This is what i am doing lately , I am delivery CHAR MARVELOUS which is from my uncle stall at dpp Yab. I help him to deliver this food from one dpp to another dpp and of course , i also get a commission from this job. I,m very happy to do this job. If  you all being interested with CHAR MARVELOUS don't forget to go to my uncle stall.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

I'm so in love with my little cat. Hi Rhio.

it's name is Rhio he been adopted by my aunt Che Khamisah, he is the hyper cat , always play with my cousin Mukhriz .Kbye rhio be a good cat ok and never stop to be cute, your cuteness made me happy .

Sunday, 1 March 2015


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Saturday, 28 February 2015

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