Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Salam and Hi everyone. Happy new year , may ALLAH bless us on this new year. and our dream came true. Okay for this post I wanna talk about my friends in University life, What are so special about them? Why I've been writing about them in my blog? Yeay there are so many question right? Hahaha , not because only them my best friend in my life, but I wanna tell u all , how difficult it is to get true friends in degree life. It is not easy like when we at high school. Because in University u will meet with such a lot of people , they some time only pretending that are okay with us . But actually , without we know that are step back behind us. So for those , who will enter University please being prepared and be sado maybe in looking ur real friends. Being prepared!!!!!!!! There are many surprises for you.