Wednesday, 29 April 2015

This is where i being for 4 years . Yeah this is my beloved University. Its was being name Universiti Utara Malaysia and was highlighter as Eminent University.  There such a lot of advantages that you all could get if you are UUMers . For more detail about UUM background you all can go to this link UUM's OFFICIAL PORTAL

Sunday, 26 April 2015

My little story in UUM

Being in UUM has give me such a lot of challenges , but no matter how i feel there someone who always beside me, that is the pretty girl who name is Ruqaiyah Bakhori. She always there for me no matter  when i'm sad and happy. She not only my roomate but she also my best friend in UUM. Such a lot of friend that i meet she the one who sincerely to be my friend not like others who just take me for granted, Then them just throw me whenever they want. Alhamdulilah even though such a lot of people being jealous with our friendship but Allah still protect this relationship. I hope our Ukhuwah Fillah until Jannah ( Heaven).

Yeah! This is what i am doing lately , I am delivery CHAR MARVELOUS which is from my uncle stall at dpp Yab. I help him to deliver this food from one dpp to another dpp and of course , i also get a commission from this job. I,m very happy to do this job. If  you all being interested with CHAR MARVELOUS don't forget to go to my uncle stall.