Tuesday, 12 May 2015

No Food Allowed

Alright today I gonna tell you all that I have new mission in two month . The mission called as '15In2Month' hahahaha maybe you all was so excited want to known what the mission is all about.Yeah this is my plan to get normal BMI because i want to have an ideal body. Actually this idea came out from my friend that want me and him to lose weight together as the result we want to lose 15 kg in two month. So I as master plan had list down several foods that we should eat and must avoid some food .  I really hope that we can success with this mission and get what we want.

Sunday, 10 May 2015


Last week, I went to Langkawi , people think that i'm going for vacation heehe but is totally wrong i'm going to Langkawi because of KLK which is compulsory for every co-curriculum in UUM   and my Kor Siskor choose Langkawi as our KLK place. In the camp i got new experience and got to know more friends , that is very fun for me even though we are not going to interesting place in Langkawi such as Pantai Chenang, Makam Mahsuri and Under water world but we all still enjoy our camping. But on the last day our teacher  give we 5 hours to shopping around Pekan Kuah. I,m so excited because I could buy souvenir for my family and friends. Next time i will go to Langkawi for vacation.