Saturday, 21 November 2015

Hmm heart broken. Yes that what i feel know . I'm trying to ignore this feel but it keeps running come out to my mind. I'm trying to be strong but i can't lie myself that i really hurt by what he had done to me. Can you imagine someone that comes to you yesterday said  that he love you very much, tell that can't live without you but another day was seeing with another girl and end up couple with that girl that he just get to know. What most hit me badly when he keep defend that girl. I'm keep asking myself  ' Who am I to him ' that i just a toys for him. I feel so stupid involved with this kind relationship. I hate myself because I easily trust him. I just want to get all my strengthen to face this situation. I hope Mr A you can take care your new girlfriend. Makes she feels comfort with you. Spent time with her especially when she has problem . Treat she more than you done for me. I'm out. Bye..... :(

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